Ubisoft removes mention of Assassin's Creed III Remastered from their website

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Months and months ago, we heard about a rumor of an Assassin's Creed title/collection coming to Switch. That info came from a retailer who added a listing for the game. Shortly after that, the listing ended up removed. After that, the rumor popped up again through another retailer, and then that too was scrubbed. Then we get to today, where Club Ubisoft listed Assassin’s Creed III Remastered listing for Switch. Take a guess as to what happened next.

Yep, Ubisoft removed the listing for their website, and have offered no explanation. How in the world does this keep happening?! The latest turn of events makes the least sense. You'd think Ubisoft themselves would know what's going on with their games! I don't even know what to think at this point, but here's some potential explanations.

1. The listing was a mistake all three times
2. The listing is real, but was revealed early multiple times, which lead to the removal
3. The game will be confirmed via a Nintendo Direct, and Ubisoft accidentally put their listing live

If you have another guess as to what's going on, please let me know! I'd just love to hear any opinion on what the hell this mess is all about.


I doubt Ubisoft made a mistake other than releasing the info early. Nintendo Direct incoming! It's just a shame because 3 was on Wii U. If we got a remake I'd rather see the Ezio Trilogy.

Maybe it’s a disruptive way to market the game?

It's like Whack a mole, Everytime they bop it back into the hole it bounces back to say "hey, ya missed me!"

Man, the blogger of this site seems tense. Game is not yet to be revealed, end of story.

What is the big deal, what so stressful about having to wait for an official announcement?

Because with third party games releasing on Nintendo platforms, more often than not if it's not announced at the same time, it's not coming out for said system. The track record on this is LONG.

Option 3 is my guess. Someone probably put it up on the site without thinking.

Worst kept secret in life.

4. Mulder and Scully will be investigating these mysterious sightings in a future episode of The X Files. I want to believe that the truth is out there.

Nope. Too much for Mulder and Scully. This is a case for Dale Cooper!


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