Dusk Diver - English trailer, and new character profiles

To go along with the English trailer above, we also have some more character profiles for Dusk Diver. Have a look at some of the cast below.

Liu Yusha

- Originally lived in the other counties, was transferred to Yumo’s class at 1st year of senior high.
- Due to the similar name with Yumo, they become very close friends.
- Has careless personality and apparently…a little spaced out?
- Once was late for class and forgot to bring the bookcase to school and set the records among all students.


- A researcher from Kunlun world.
- Appointed by the superiors to establish a convenience store in Ximending.
- This allows the Kunlun community to take a closer look at the situation in the town of Ximending.
- For some reasons, the current appearance is not what she really looks like.
- After staying away from the R&D environment,
- Accumulating wealth became her ultimate interest.


- Mysterious girl appeared on the streets of Ximending.
- She is as cute as a doll.
- However, from time to time, she sometimes act inconsistently with her appearance.
- She likes to seek companions to play along with.
- Casual interest is watching TV and have the longings to those idols on it.

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Looking forward to this game it looks really nice.

It looks like a fun game, i wonder why i keep forgetting about it.

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