Level 33 reached for the first time in Tetris on the NES

After all these years, a new level in Tetris on the NES has been reached. For a very long time, many thought Level 29 to be the highest level a player could get to. You simply couldn't move pieces fast enough after that in order to keep the game going. That is, until 'hypertapping' technique was discovered.

Normally you'd simply hold the directional pad button to movie a Tetrimino, which equals 10 taps per second. Hypertapping allows you to get more than 10 taps per second, thus allowing you to potentially reach a higher level. That's how the level 33 in the video above has been reached!

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I hope I don't come up against him in 99.

he says something about having little/no interest in it... I think we're safe

That's pretty narrow minded of him. Does he explain why?

He says in the video he has no interest in it

Why did it go level 29, 00, 0A, 14, then 1E?

The game isn't programmed to have anything past 29 because I assume they thought nobody would pass it. (it's like a kill screen) so it throws random values at you as you keep leveling up

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