RUMOR - New Sonic cartoon coming this year

Toy Fair 2019 was the place to showcase all sorts of new toys in the works, and Jakks Pacific had a huge wave of content to show off. That includes a new wave of Sonic figurines, which you see above. In the post above, which comes from toy enthusiast outlet ToyShiz, you can see that a new cartoon is mentioned in the info. The toys are indeed real and on the way, but are they really tied to a new cartoon? Is this going to be a new episode of the existing series, or something else altogether?

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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A new cartoon? That could be interesting.
Hope it turns out good.

Already? I heard Sonic Boom wasn't a bad show although I havn't watched it myself

It looks a little low budget and can feel a bit rushed at times, but Sonic Boom is worth a watch, Eggman and Knuckles are particularly enjoyable.

I'll be disappointed if it's already being replaced.

Sun Feb 17 19 05:44pm
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Oh hell yeah, more Sonic Mania Ad-

>Modern designs

Interest dropped to well below zero.

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