Yoshi's Crafted World - Super Mario RPG Easter egg and more secrets

It turns out the Demo Version of Yoshi's Crafted World packs in quite a few Easter eggs and references to other Mario games despite its brevity, and Ash has collected them all for you here, including one for Super Mario RPG?! Check out what we've found right here!

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Cute. I guess this weird Geno obsession everyone seems to have is at least doing some good for Mario "lore".

I like shooting cows.

The first two "digits" of that barcode is not "09", but obviously an egg and a question mark. Just compare the first "0" to a zero later in the barcode. It's clear that the first "0" is egg-shaped, but not the others.

And in no way does that question mark look like a 9

Ugh, gamexplain videos are almost as bad as Kotaku articles.

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