Super Mario Maker 2 - List of new elements featured in the debut trailer

Super Mario Maker 2 was revealed last week, and it included a bunch of new content not found in the previous version. A Reddit user went through the trouble of pouring through the trailer to pick out every new element he could spot. Check out the full list of elements below!

- Super Bell
- Red Yoshi
- Angry Sun
- New Snowman tornado enemy
- Ant Trooper
- Porcupuffer
- Rooted Piranha Plant
- Piranha Creep
- Bully
- Skipsqueak
- Hopchop
- Stingby
- Fire Bro
- Boom Boom
- Banzai Bill (Foreground and Background)
- Clear pipes
- Trees
- Tilting platform
- Snake blocks
- Rock Blocks
- Platform Blocks
- Crates
- Climbable Fence
- Car
- Mushroom Trampoline.
- 10 Gold Coin
- Parachutes
- Red Pipes
- On/off Switches
- Crystal Blocks
- Steep Slope
- Gentle Slope
- Night theme
- Desert theme
- Forest theme
- Ice theme

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Super Mario 3D World was an odd choice for a new theme. I wonder what the Koopa in the car is all about?

I mean it's not a bad start to try to improve the New SMB aesthetic. Though at the same time it implies 3D World shares a lot of the same aesthetic.

The koopa in the car reminds me of the enemies in the original Megaman X that appear at the end of the first stage.

Mon Feb 18 19 05:25pm
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When they say "Ant Trooper" could that be related to the ants we see in Super Mario Land 2?

EDIT: Watched the trailer again, and unfortunately it looks like something else entirely.

Yeah in the screenshot above, it’s the enemy between Pipe and Piranha on the top selection bar.

New elements are cool, and the game will need lots of them to be a good sequel. I do hope they add some other ways to play or something as well, though.

Still no SMB2 elements? They could at least give you the sprites to play with, they don't have to have the gameplay.

I wouldn’t hold out for SMB2 style. Did the game even come to Japan? (Wasn’t it Doki Doki Panic?). I know in Japan SMB2 was what US and EU knew as The Lost Levels, but did Japan ever get the version of SMB2 starring the wonderful Wart?

That and it’s style is completely different than the rest. SMB, SMB3, SMW, NSMB and SM3DW all share a core similarity for a good majority of objects, tiles and enemies so the transition between styles makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a SMB2 style, I’m just explaining my thoughts on why I don’t think it’ll happen Smile

It was released as Super Mario USA. It certainly gets referenced more than Lost Levels in future games, so you might be underselling it.

That said I doubt we'll get any new themes besides 3D World.

Forgot about Super Mario USA Smile

The only other themes I could see would be the updated 16-bit variations of SMB and SMB3 from All Stars maybe. A Paper Mario theme would be cool too.

Yes, Famicom eventually got "Super Mario USA", which was our SMB2.

But regardless, as I said, they don't have to use the different gameplay style of SMB2, but they could very easily use the sprites/graphics from it to allow people to make levels in the SMB2 style. I think SMB2 is just as important a part of Mario history as any of the other games included, regardless of its origins. And besides, Mouser, Wart, Triclyde, etc., deserve more love.

I forgot about “Super Mario USA”.

I think the challenge is that every object must be available in every style. That would mean re-drawing most objects in the SMB2 style because they didn’t exist in that style originally.
And of course vice versa, taking objects that exist only in SMB2 and creating other style variations for them. It’s all doable and I’d love to see it done, but I don’t see Nintendo investing the time and resources.

I agree it’s an important game, regardless of its origin. I personally love the game and still fear those mask things that chase you when you take the key they’re protecting.

If you compare this list of new items to the original game, then it pales into absolute insignificance.

Tue Feb 19 19 04:21pm
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If you compare this list of new items to the original game, then it pales into absolute insignificance.

It’s a list of new items seen in the extremely short trailer.
Not all the new items in the game.

Or we could just keep comparing leprechauns to unicorns.

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