The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - EU cover art

Originally released for the Game Boy™ system more than 25 years ago, one of the most beloved games in the Legend of Zelda series returns. In this modern re-imagining, players travel to the mysterious island of Koholint to guide Link on a perilous adventure. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2019.


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Pegi covers him up, but USK will KILL him and send him into oblivion!

I doubt that is the final boxart.

Mon Feb 18 19 05:21pm
Rating: 1

It seems really early to get box art for this game... unless it's actually coming out really soon, which I wouldn't mind one bit.

Also, it's crazy how Link is covered up so much by the Pegi rating.

Pegi covers him up, but USK will KILL him and send him into oblivion!

Whose dumb idea was it to rate games on the covers? Parents should do more research for their kids games then trusting some archaic rating system developed during political pressure.

I understand why it’s there but how about putting the rating logo on the back cover instead? Same goes with that awful ”requires a download” label on some Switch games.
Is it too much to ask that a customer examines the whole box before making the decision to purchase, lmao.

GAAAAAH I want to play this...
Also I hope they follow the recent trend in zelda boxart that consists in dropping that gold box tradition and having actual gorgeous art instead. If this ends up being the real deal, I'd be happy with it.

Seems a bit lazy just pasting the presentation art here.

It's art that reflects the game. Most box art is just game scenes with a higher quality render.

Well..i guess its better than the original box art which just has the shield and nothing else.

It’s not lazy just because we’ve seen it already. However, I think it’s zoomed in too much. It feels cramped with edges of the island being cut off so drastically. Just like someone taking a vertical photo... :D

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