Switch eShop file size round-up - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet, Trials Rising, The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game, and more

There are certainly some sizable titles in this week's eShop file size roundup. Nothing monumentally huge, but definitely bigger than the usual weekly games. Check out the latest rundown below.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet (JP, supports English) – 9.6GB
Trials Rising – 7.3GB
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame – 5.8GB
Fate/Extella Link – 4.9GB
Assault Android Cactus+ – 1.4GB
My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? 1.4GB
Hell Warders – 1.3GB
Fimbul – 1.2GB
Skyhill – 1.0GB
Creepy Road – 966MB
Beat Cop – 623MB
Tyr: Chains of Valhalla – 574MB
Klondike Solitaire – 425MB
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon – 406MB
Braveland Trilogy – 374MB
12 is Better Than 6 – 299MB
The Lost Light of Sisu – 265MB
Tardy – 258MB
Surfingers – 206MB
Treasure Stack – 196MB
Darkest Hunter – 195MB
Daggerhood – 166MB
Baba Is You – 120MB
Awesome Pea – 117MB

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It's good to see that DOA officially supports English. Originally they were saying only the Asia version only supports English.

Yeah, I've been waiting to get some kind of confirmation on the English support for JP because I've seen things mention it here and there, but it's never mentioned on any product pages.

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