Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans are having fun with the 'World/Reality Overload glitch'

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be coming up on its two-year anniversary, but fans still aren't done messing around with the game. A number of glitches and hiccups have been discovered throughout that time, and the latest one has been dubbed the 'World/Reality Overload glitch.' Wondering what that is and what it does? Check out the video above to see the madness!


*That’s 2 Year Anniversary by the way

Thu Feb 21 19 07:13am
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"Now just keep that up... by doing it another 175 times or so..."

Eh, you're alright. Thanks but I'll pass. Had it been 174 times or less I'd have tried it out, but that's where I draw the line. 😜

2 year anniversary! Time flows fast, but not that fast!

Thu Feb 21 19 10:47am
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This is an example of an integer overflow bug. To understand it, think about how the numbers we use everyday work. When count up, we'll eventually get to 9 and then 10. That is to say we overflowed the 1s digit and incremented the 10s digit.

Now let's say you were playing a board game where your character had a one digit number to represent health and the other to represent attack. They're written next to each other. You have 8 health and 4 attack. You draw a card that says that you get +3 health. But because you happen to be an unfeeling robot who can't understand context; instead of moving the number over and writing 11, you increment your attack when trying to add up your new health. Now you have 5 attack and 1 health.

For computers, their digits can be thought of as being from 0-255 (or perhaps -128-127... or perhaps 0-65535... or perhaps... well you get the idea). So when you go past your limit, you overflow into the next byte. This byte likely has a different meaning. This is also how many console exploits work. They overflow into protected memory and manipulate the game into calling this memory as instructions.


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