Nintendo stock jumps 4% in just fifteen minutes

Here's an odd one for you. Earlier today, Nintendo's stock jumped up 4% in just fifteen minutes. That accounts for just under 300,000 shares of Nintendo's stock bouncing from one holder to another. Even stranger, this jump happened roughly an hour before Nintendo announced Reggie Fils-Aime's impending retirement. There's really no other major news going on today to account for this jump, which makes you wonder if perhaps someone was privy to some info before they should have been.

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Only possible thing I could guess is that private invitations for a Pokemon event were sent out, and that instead of a Direct they are doing a press conference again this year?

Or investors continue to be insane.

Could this be because of Reggie's retirement and promotion of Doug Bowser?

I mean any change in management seems like it can incite speculation of some sort.

If not, maybe they think the Xbox relationship isn't a rumor. Wouldn't that be funny?

I think Nintendo's financials were they way they are right now because of current management, its not like anything is being run poorly, no reason to invest because Reggie is gone.

"If not, maybe they think the Xbox relationship isn't a rumor. Wouldn't that be funny?" They've done crazier. Remember when Nintendo's stock spiked because there was an article saying Apple should buy them. Not a rumor that it is even somewhat possible, just some analyst who doesn't even cover Nintendo's conjecture. That was like a month ago.

probably the microsoft rumor

I can't imagine, Reggie's retirement would be cause for insider trading though.

Like any big announcement causes a significant drop, so it would make sense to buy stocks AFTER the announcement vs. before.

The only thing I could imagine would be Nintendo buying it themselves to buffer the drop after the news? But I don't think they would have anything to gain by risking that kind of small buffer.

It shouldn't be surprising that good news brings a boost in Nintendo's share value. Were the 300,000 shares sold by Reggie?

Insider trading. Illegal as heck.

dany targaryen
Fri Feb 22 19 12:53pm
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It jumped because Nintendo bought some of their own shares. When they do that, the market assumes Nintendo thinks they're undervalued.

It's a common practice to improve their stock price. They've done that many times in the past.

Someone just sneezed, false alarm everyone.


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