Square-Enix grabs trademark for “Collection of Mana”

Okay, there's absolutely no doubt now that something is going on with the Mana series. Previously, we mentioned that Square-Enix grabbed trademarks for Secret of Mana in both Europe and North America. Now the company has followed up with a trademark for “Collection of Mana” in Japan. Whatever's going down with the Mana series certainly seems like it's going to be revealed quite soon.

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Hmmm.... very interesting. Does this mean what I think it means?

Okay, I'm going to take this as proof at this point.

Don't let me down, Square Enix.

this means nothing. renewing trademarka is totally normal it means nothing... and the mana collection is just the japanese one

I'm betting they'll do the more likely, reasonable thing of removing Seiken 3 (the game that held this set back for two years) and just release it as a duo or with another Mana game in Seiken 3's place. The chances of them burning resources on an ancient game to translate it when they could give it the 3D remake treatment is just not likely.

Still waiting on that new Wario Land since Nintendo renewed that trademark. Or Golden Sun, since Nintendo renewed that one a year early.

Fri Feb 22 19 12:13pm
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Yeah I don't expect anything from this unless NOA or another company moneyhats for localization rights.

And even then I still expect Seiken 3 to be replaced with Sword of Mana in such a case whether if NOA does it, Square actually does it themselves, or Square outsources English localization to another company like M2 or XSeed. =/

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