Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Kong Family Reunion' Spirit Board event now live

I guess now would be the appropriate time to say that it's on like Donkey Kong. The Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Kong Family Reunion' Spirit Board event is now live, giving you three days to hop into the game and grab some Donkey Kong-related Spirits. Remember, you'll have a chance at getting all things Kong, including baddies!


Fri Feb 22 19 03:20am
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Kinda struck me as odd how there weren't many, many more spirits than there were. Like, they're just PNGs and they clearly weren't too concerned on balancing them (Medusa is just a straight upgrade to Mother Brain despite being the same rank). Lot of missed opportunities.

Metroid Prime spirit that evolves into Dark Samus's skeletal form or exoskeleton to essence?
Classic DK that evolves into Cranky?
Small Wario that evolves into Bull/Jet/Dragon Wario?

Stuff writes itself! Oh well.

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