RUMOR - Microsoft bringing Cuphead to Switch, over 100 Xbox games coming via Game Pass, Halo and more could be next

Following yesterday's explosive rumor that Microsoft is bringing Xbox GamePass to Switch along with Ori and the Blind Forest, another wave of details has come in. Again, this is just rumor for now, but it seems those in the know are now going to let loose with the inside info they're privy to.

- Cuphead is on the way to Switch
- more than 100 Xbox games will be available on Switch via GamePass
- Halo, Gears of War, and Forza could come to Switch as native ports, rather than through GamePass

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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I hear the developers of Cuphead are working on a sequel. It's called Mugfoot. 😜

I'll grab my coat.

Why must all the exciting rumor happen when I am at vacation?

Very cool. I was wondering how Nintendo would stay relevant with next gen coming and I think Game pass/streaming in general could be it. Good way to get a lot of relatively current third party games, assuming the streaming works well.

Either something INCREDIBLY COOL is about to happen, or we're being set up for a megaton disappointment. I'll be going forward and expecting nothing.

That being said, can you imagine this being true? Halo games on the Switch?! This is absolutely nuts! But I would welcome it. The Xbox One is the console I didn't plan on getting because my gaming PC handles many of its "exclusives". I'm not a Halo fan but I'd like to play Cuphead and Ori on the Switch.

Mate, you and I share a singular mind on this. Reggie quits, Nintendo’s stock surge and all these Microsoft rumours. I feel a chill in the air....a rather ominous one. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Remember Reggie was hired when the console wars and relation between the big 3 game companies was hot. First Reggie words at Nintendo was "I'm here for kicking ass" now things are totally different and maybe the reason of Reggie resign has something big for Nintendo future plans.

I think we have to take all of this with a lot more grains of salt than normal. This is too much lol. Any idea how trustworthy this source is?

Also if XCloud does come to Switch, I hope that at least third parties still TRY to port games to Switch and don't rely on cloud to act as support. XCloud isn't going to work great on airplanes....

I hear the developers of Cuphead are working on a sequel. It's called Mugfoot. 😜

I'll grab my coat.

This made me laugh hard. Thanks!

This is all so nuts. I hope it's true!

Cuphead is such a perfect fit for tje Switch. Its actually one of the very few Xbox exclusives I care about so Id definitely welcome a Switch port as well as our Microsoft brotheren.

I said this on the other post but I would rather have direct streaming from my own Xbox over cloud streaming. If they could make local streaming an option so I could literally play anything that's on Xbox (like remote play on PS4 ) I would go ahead and buy an Xbox and move all my big PS4 purchases onto Xbox instead.

Please, let's not show interesting in streaming to these companies. eventually, it will bite us all in the butt.

Local based streaming is great. Use remote play all the time.

Fri Feb 22 19 06:51pm
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But in this case you need to have the other console and the game. That im ok with. I have problems is when it comes to only having games as streaming, without the need of owning anything else.
that's a goodbye to actually owning any game, because it will never be in a disk/cartridge or HDD. To me, that's a scary future for the entire industry.

I could care less abou Halo and Gears of War but the inclusion of Cuphead sparked my interest.

This rumor better turn out to be true for the sake of the source. He's basically stating a turning point in videogames history is about to happen.

It just struck me that if this really IS true Banjo-Kazooie or Master Chief in Smash Bros. isn't just possible, at least one of them would be a guarantee.

But I'd still prefer Minecraft Steve over either one of them.

Fri Feb 22 19 04:53pm
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The thing Nintendo fans want most on Switch from Microsoft is all their back catalogue of Rareware games. And this is not the first thing they'd consider?

Fri Feb 22 19 05:53pm
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Next we'll hear that "project Scarlet" is actually MS and Nintendo joining forces for a new console. Just imagine the Microsoft Nintendo Xbox Switch 2.

Sounds even more surrealistic than my nw painting.

Also: I love CupHead and truly do think it would be great on Switch, but I also love me some Rare games. Killer Instinct for sure....

Its so odd that two first party companies are working together here when they are suppose to compete against each other.

How long before the analysts spin this into “Microsoft should acquire Nintendo”?

This feels like one of those rumours where they just tell us what we want to hear. Like whenever insiders claim that Metroid is showing up at the next batch of game announcements. (*-_-)

Sun Feb 24 19 07:47am
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I would lose my shit if Gears of War 1,2 & 3 came to Switch.

I wouldn't get Cuphead because I already have it on GOG, but that would be an amazing game to see as well.

Also, Rare Replay Switch must happen.


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