Game Freak's Ken Sugimori discusses the creation of Mendel Palace, the company's first published title

The latest video from Game Freak showcases Ken Sugimori drawing Quinty from Mendel Palace. He also chats about a number of topics while drawing, which we've covered below.

- Game Freak's first published game was Quinty, released as Mendel Palace in US
- Quinty is the titular character in the Japanese version, but she is actually the villain responsible for the kidnapping of her siste
- she did so because she was jealous of the attention that Jenny always got
- in the North American version, while Quinty still appears, she is never officially named
- in the North American version, the story is about a princess named Candy who gets stuck in her own dream world
- Sugimori’s first project at Game Freak was for Quinty
- the original sprites for Quinty were drawn on graph paper
- Sugimori and another designer were in charge of designing the characters and the pixel art for Quinty
- characters back then were designed mostly by sprite, then turned into illustrations for box art and game manual art
- not all the official art was done by the game company
- arcades would hire professional illustrators for their own art for the games

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Sat Feb 23 19 08:09am
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Pokémon may have gown downhill for me starting with Generation VI (IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION), but I will always admire the original works of Game Freak. If Pokémon never happened they would be a top-notch second-party developer for Nintendo. We need more Game Freak originals! Give us more stuff like Mendel Palace, Pulseman, Drill Dozer, Tembo the Badass Elephant and HarmoKnight! Hell give James Turner his own studio already! I want another game with his style. Or a sequel to Drill Dozer... Imagine that baby with the Switch's HD Rumble. Not Giga Wrecker though... That looked too amateurish and weeaboo for my tastes, not sure which intern got signed up for THAT one... No wonder it was stealth launched.

Oh yeah, and Town looks pretty great too, I almost forgot. I guess they really are meeting my quota then, heh. Point being, less Pokémon, more of this!

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