The Rock comments on Reggie's departure from Nintendo, thanks him for 'creating fun'

Okay, I need to know about this connection. How the hell does The Rock know Reggie Fils-Aime?! When did these two meet up?! Are they related somehow, or is this just a work thing? This is two of my favorite hobbies converging! I definitely need some explanation on this!

Thanks to Neverunplaying for the heads up!

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I'd say Dwayne is a video game fan, maybe a Nintendo fan. He wouldn't be the first wrestler.

I found a video of him dressed as Pikachu.


And he has starred in a couple of video game related movies, Rampage was just last year.

The Pikachu costume is the first thing I thought of when RMC posed the question.

Maybe Reggie gave him the costume haha

Dwayne's love of video games can be traced back to at least Rampage. He also had it on the NES.


There are few celebrities who are as classy as The Rock.

Im really curious to know what Dwayne's favorite Nintendo games are now...

Sat Feb 23 19 09:35am
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Better be Donky Kong, eh?

You know me too well. ;)

But seriously I'm legit curious. Whats his favorite Nintendo console? Favorite Nintendo character? Cant just not tell us Dwayne!

Wouldn't surprise me if it was Mario Party.

Man this has been said a lot but Dwayne Johnson is like one of the most charismatic celebrities out there


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