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Retro City Rampage dev says he got the game running on the GBA

by rawmeatcowboy
24 February 2019
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Brian Provinciano is working on Shakedown Hawaii right now, which is the follow-up to the hugely successful Retro City Rampage. For those who don't know, Retro City Rampage took a decidedly 8-bit approach to its visuals, while Shakedown Hawaii is taking things 16-bit. In an interview with our friends at Electric Playground, Provinciano is asked about the possibility of Shakedown Hawaii actually running on an SNES/Genesis. His answer to that question leads to a really interesting reveal.

“To be honest, I would love after Shakedown Hawaii is done to go back and do something like that, I love tinkering with old hardware. I actually did get RCR running on the Game Boy Advance and so that was really fun, I haven’t really unveiled it too much, but it was just a hobby… I’d say it’s 85 percent done, there are a few frame rate hiccups.”

After Provinciano let that tidbit slip, you can bet plenty are clamoring to see that version of the game in action. Hopefully he'll share a quick video or two via Twitter!