Unnamed company looking to hire staff for a 'big' Switch RPG

A game developer in Tokyo is looking to hire people for a new 3D RPG, and it's coming to the Switch. The game is apparently a 'big' title, or so says the listing. We really don't know what company is working on this game, but the one tidbit we have is that their address is 10 minutes from Shinagawa Seaside Station, which is near Marvelous’s address.

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I can't think of any other studios that it could be, 100% sure its not Atlus.
I wonder if its a new team like the Daemon x Machina team, a new IP for RPGs would be great!

Hey I was staying across the street from Shinagawa Station last week. Didn't know I was that close to Marvelous.

Yay, more JRPGs...
...I mean. Yay, more JRPGs!

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