On its second anniversary, Switch sales in Japan are still outpacing Wii

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The Switch is a juggernaut the world over, but in particular, we're going to take a look at how things are going in Japan. The most recent sales data from Famitsu puts the Switch at 7,563,000 units sold after 103 weeks of sales data. Wondering how that stacks up to the Wii? After 104 weeks of sales data for Wii, the console managed to break the 7 million mark. It's easy to see that the Switch is selling considerably faster at this point!

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Mon Mar 04 19 04:45pm
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I think it should be noted that the Wii wasn't necessarily as huge a success in Japan as it was the West. PS2, Famicom, PS1, and Super Famicom sold in Japan 21.980 million, 19.350 million, 18.855 million, and 17.170 million respectively. Wii sold about 12.75 million. https://sites.google.com/site/gamedatalibrary/hardware-totals Where as world wide, the NES and SNES sold noticeably lower than Wii, Wii sold far more in the west than prior Nintendo home systems, and in Japan it din't necessarily expand the audience for home systems like it did in the West, nor did it need to, Wii kind of showed that a casual focus doesn't work in Japan. For comparison, Wikipedia lists world wide Wii sales as 101.63 million, NES sales as 61.91 million, and SNES sales as 49.1 million. In Japan Switch is selling faster than Wii of course, and I think it has a great chance of selling even better this year with AC DQ and Pokemon alone, not to mention a possible switch mini and Monster Hunter, but it does mean a bit more when Switch is outselling Wii in America.

Wii still sold considerably fast during it's first year and a half, and was selling good up to the end of its second year. Up to last holiday, it WAS a good comparison to make.

But yeah, from now on, that would be like comparing the second half of a marathon between two runner with run times close to each others, when one of them broke his leg at the half point.

Yeah. The only consoles who either failed to change momentum (lose or gain) or change strategy are the ones that failed, this is around the time consoles sales trajectorys change, Switch probably for the better if Nintendo's current and future likely lineup indicates anything, and at this point Wii's for the worse in Japan, I think momentum still went up in the West for a little while. Its nice to compare sales for the first 2 years for a general idea, but short term comparisons should not be taken as any indication of general hardware health.

As long as the momentum keeps up, the switch can outpace the Wii

Tue Mar 05 19 12:35pm
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That's nice and all, but at least the Wii still had original games going into its second year as opposed to an avalanche of ports.


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