Pokémon Duel - Version 7.0.4 now available, new promo video release

All sorts of new content in this update

As was previously announced, Version 7.0.4 is now available for Pokemon Duel. Fire up your mobile device and grab the update right now!

- from now until April 10th, you can get a 3 Day Duel Boost and a 3 Hour Enhanced Boost for free
- special Daily Log-In Bonuses to celebrate including Carmonite, Rare Metal and Coins
- special Log-In bonus for logging in before April 9th of 400 AI Tickets, 100 Monthly Points and an Azumarill figure
- The UX figures are Ultra Necrozma, Mega Mawile, Mega Diancie, Sylveon
- The EX figures are Mawile, Diancie
- The R figures are Azumarill, Garbodor
- The UC figures are Carbink, Trubbish

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