Level-5 details the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch! anime series, and Yo-kai Academy: Can a Cat Become a Hero? movie

A revamp for the anime, and a completely new direction for the movie

Level-5 is hoping that Yo-Kai Watch 4 is a rebirth for the franchise, and that's going to coincide with some cross-media projects. Here's what Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino had to share about the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch anime and more.

Yo-kai Watch! (with an exclamation point)

- will begin airing April 9th, 2019 in Japan
- this anime goes back to its roots with Keita being the main protagonist,
- will feature a more comedic touch than the original
- new Yo-Kai Watches appearing in this anime are the Yo-kai Watch Elder and Yo-kai Watch Arc
- these Watches seem to have some sort of keyhole gimmick
- because developing on the Switch took a long time to get used to, they were unable to coordinate the game with the anime

Yo-kai Academy: Can a Cat Become a Hero?

- next Yo-Kai Watch movie
- the story is about how the students gain the ability to fuse with onryos (evil spirits) in order to become Yo-kai Heroes
- the students will use the mysterious YSP Watches to transform

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Man, they're really trying to keep this series alive however they can. Which is a shame, cause Yokai Watch 4 doesn't look terrible.

It has felt Yokai Watch may have been a flash in the pan. SInce regardless of the game's quality, I don't think it stuck in the public's mainstream outside of Japan.

Then again besides Digimon, few series have stuck as long as Pokemon.

I suppose when the big two have hundreds of monsters anything else is overkill.

I wonder if you could do that formula on a smaller case. Kinda like Monster Rancher.

It doesn't help that yokai watch is really Japanese, with it's yokais and whatnot... It must be a pain to localize these games and make them have any sort of coherence without alienating everybody. Never played one before, but this next one looks promising, here's hoping it is brought to the west before it becomes irrelevant.

In this medium I can see half or maybe 60% may be presentation in terms of attracting a customer, but gameplay, if good, can keep the interest of the audience.

I could also see the anime not helping in adding interest here. I've seen glances and it seems it lacks focus.
Pokemon had the world building, Digimon did manage to have at times better human characters than Pokemon. Yokai Watch seems to try to make jokes. I mean even Medabots had recurrent sideplots in order to shake the formula a little.

Even in Japan, it hasn't really held up in popularity. I get the idea they may have gone for too much, too fast.

The way this played out, Yokai Watch always felt more like Mega Man Battle Network/Mega Man Star Force rather than Pokemon or Digimon.

Also, to be entirely fair, I was kinda against the series at first because of the advertising push they had. As in... the really STUPID advertising push. (The one focusing on the Yokai that makes you have to pee. Yeah... not selling me on it with that.)

The gameplay is also a bit... convoluted and gimmicky. At times, the first game even feels like it's a bunch of different things glued together into some kind of semi-coherent mess.

I will say, it's definitely got originality as far as creature designs, but then, the designs I really like are ones like Kyubi, which are visiting ideas that both Pokemon and Digimon addressed.

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