To All Mankind - debut trailer

No Cactus Jacks or Dude Loves allowed

We've been talking about To All Mankind for weeks and weeks now. Can you believe this is the first trailer for the game? Still no word on this adventure/survival game releasing outside of Japan, but it does seem like a title that would be picked up for localization, even if just through the eShop. Keep your fingers crossed!

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I have no idea what this game is about from this trailer. The setting almost seems like some sort of post-apocalyptic city. Is this a visual novel?

The art is nice, though I am not sure about an all-female cast

What's wrong with an all-female cast? Also from what I saw from other screenshots it's a survival game of some sort I believe. They haven't really expanded further on it but it's probably a mix of visual novel-esque elements with survival gameplay.

Nothing wrong with it per se, but in general they never seem to really feature many interesting character dynamics. It's not an indisputable rule or anything, so it's entirely possible that the characters here are fine, but it's enough to at least make me a bit wary

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Yeah... sometimes they are clearly only "all female" to be "cute" and "soft" and "relaxing", but clearly targeted at a male boys audience. >_> (and outside of some very cliche traits, they very often act and feel VERY samey)
Nothing bad with these games/anime/manga/other medium existing, but it would be good to have an actually developed and interesting "all-women" cast some times.

I'm interested in the game, but if the cast ends up being mostly cardboard stands that slowly fly on the wind... Sad

I don't know or care about this game right now. I just wanted to say that this post's subheader is one of the best I've seen so far.

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