Nintendo offering up Switch Online survey to get customer feedback

Nintendo is sure to get some feedback on this one

If you visit Nintendo.com, you might be hit with an official pop-up survey. This survey is asking for input on the Switch Online service. Nintendo is looking for feedback to find out not only what people like, but what features they feel should be added to the service. If you want to get in on the survey, you'll just have to visit Nintendo.com and hope the pop-up survey randomly drops in.

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I will give them feedback and it will hurt their feelings.

Honestly works best.

We'll see about that Smile

Fri Mar 15 19 06:05pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Oh boy do I have some stuff to say...

Fri Mar 15 19 08:32pm
Rating: 1

Cool. I let them know that it suuuuucks

I feel weird, because I have no issues...

And even with this, I'm sure that if Nintendo does what we tell them, we still won't be happy.

Like pick your poison.

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