Box office forecast outlet predicts big opening for Detective Pikachu

A box office bonanza?

Will Detective Pikachu be the first truly great video game movie? While we won't know for sure until opening day, things certainly seem to be heading that way. It'll be lovely to have a video game movie that's actually entertaining and enjoyable in a non-ironic way, but can the film rake in good reviews and big box office returns? The gang at Box Office Pro has offered up their analysis.

Box Office Pro offers global box office data, forecasts, and analysis of key movie-industry trends. Their a team that does this for a living, so their outlooks should definitely give some sort of insight into what lies ahead for Detective Pikachu. Check out the tidbits from their report below.

- Opening Weekend Range: $75 million+
- prospective $250 million USD gross overall
- social media buzz has been spectacular, breaking Box Office Pros' Twitter tracking record with 400,000+ mentions on day 1
- Ryan Reynolds’ voice presence could further bolster appeal to the curious and uninitiated audiences
- opening in the third weekend of Avengers: Endgame and two weeks before Aladdin could give it breathing room

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I think this movie's success is kind of a given.

Wed Mar 20 19 04:35am
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I don't know what's more disappointing: that people are expecting that awful Aladdin thing to do well or the fact that it actually will.


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