Nintendo reveals the top 10 best-selling indie titles on Switch

The cream of the crop

At GDC 2019, Nintendo has revealed what the top 10 best-selling Switch indie titles are. It's a veritable who's who of fantastic experiences.

1. Stardew Valley
2. Hollow Knight
3. Overcooked 2
4. Undertale
5. Dead Cells
6. Enter the Gungeon
7. Graceful Explosion Machine
8. Celeste
9. Golf Story
10. Overcooked

How many of the games on this list do you own? No matter which ones you have, you can't go wrong!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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Yacht Club has said that Shovel Knight on Switch has sold about 400K, so for it to be bumped off the list gives us a minimum of how well these ten games did.

I have Hollow Knight, Enter the Gungeon, Celeste, and Golf Story.

I actually don't have any of these yet... Yikes xD

Just a heads up, that’s not the order. This is the Top 10 selling Indie games on Switch, but they're in no particular order. It's actually pretty tough to guess which title is the best seller.

OMG Graceful Explosion Machine did way better than I could have imagined. That's wonderful.

The only game I own on this list is Stardew Valley and that's on Steam but I'm curious about getting some of these one day.

No Shovel Knight? My personal favorite indie game on the system.

It's very ironic to claim that inti creates is an indie developer and yet blaster master zero is not even at tenth place.

SOCAR why would you say that? The game has not had crazy legs or anything. It just didn’t have the raw mass appeal, marketing push or crtical acclaim most these games have.

I really liked the game and it did well(if it didn’t I doubt the just released sequel would’ve happened) but your comment really makes no sense at all.

I own Enter the Gungeon and Graceful Explosion Machine. Wish FAST was on the list.


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