Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove sees 40% of its sales on Switch, beating out every other platform (patch news and more)


I always knew Nintendo fans had great taste! The ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove Kickstarter has updated with a bunch of new info, including sales data. We now know that 20 days after launch, ToeJam and Earl: BitG has sold the most on Switch! The game has moved over 25k units, accounting for around 40% of total sales.

You can get full sales data, as well as a look at what's ahead for the game in the Kickstarter snippet below.

As of right now, we can only give general sales data, but we can say that physical and digital combined, we’re at over 25,000 units sold on Switch,12,000 on steam and PS4 each, and around 5,500 on Xbox, for a total of around 53,500 units sold between presales and launch. So far so good!

As we’ve mentioned before, we need to sell around 150,000 lifetime to break even as we do have money that needs to get paid back (this game was in development for a long time!), so we have a little way to go, but that’s a great start and we think if we can keep momentum rocking, we can do this!

Platform Availability of Updates
As of writing, here is where the current platforms are with build numbers -- we’re trying to keep things as in parity as possible, but some certification processes take longer than normal

PS4 -- 1.2.3
Switch -- 1.1.2 (with 1.2.3 in cert)
Steam - 1.2.2 (working on 1.2.3)
Xbox One -- 1.2.2 (working on 1.2.3)

Lamont/Peabo Surprise

So we’ve been pretty tight lipped about Peabo and Lamont stuff but we’re finally ready to reveal what these two bad boys are! First, Peabo’s Surprise is the ability to dance on command! You activate this by the Quick Chat menu and select ‘Dance’. When this happens all the trees and bushes around you will dance as well (similar to what happens when you open a Boom Box). We can’t wait to see y’all bust some funky moves in front of the Wiseman after you just went on a popping spree with the Slingshot!

And now for the Funkopotamus himself - Lamont’s Surprise! This is a super cool Lamont costume head piece that all the Funkotronians can wear! While wearing the Lamont head you will also get some special dialogue that unlocks while wearing it. This functions similarly to ‘Earthling Disguise’ where you can still wear your Power Hats under it. Can you fool those silly Earthlings into thinking that the great Funkopotamus is chillin’ on Earth?

We are aware that some of these may be sought after by those of you who didn’t back to unlock them. We are considering giving these rewards away to contest winners and outstanding/active members of the community. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Road Map

Willie hears ya, and Willie DOES care. We love all the feedback and bug reports that have been coming in, KEEP IT UP! If you spot something that doesn’t feel right feel free to shoot us an email at bugs@humanaturestudios.com and we will do our best to address it. We also have a Canny set up over at: https://tjande.canny.io/ where you guys can upvote the most common bugs or most requested features and those will be the ones we prioritize. Also - as always feel free to join our Discord and discuss these feedback and bugs reports here: https://discord.gg/4TuKvgT

Also you may have noticed we rolled an update out on Steam that was causing some crashes. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and we worked quickly at reverting it to the previous version. This was because a Unity update caused some wonkiness in our build and Dark Levels were crashing for a high number of players. Going forward we are considering adding an Update Test Branch to Steam so we can test updates a bit before rolling them out to everyone.

Aside from fixing the Dark Levels, we have many other fixes we are looking into. Such as a number of issues on Switch where players are experiencing crashes when using the Elevator online, inconsistencies when loading previous saves, and increasing the performance in split screen multiplayer.

We are also considering limiting how far players can actually fall down levels in multiplayer so that there will be less stability issues across the board. By making it so that players can’t fall more than 1 or 2 levels, there will be less levels loading in and should result in an increase in framerate. Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments.

There are a number of manual fixes coming as well, but if you see a typo or anything wrong be sure to let us know so we can get this thing perfect for y’all before we print it for our physical collectors.

There are also some smaller (although very frustrating) fixes coming like the map not working in multiplayer by always showing ‘Level 0’ and no tiles being revealed. Problems with Swap Bodies and the Secret Level causing sounds to disappear. If there is anything you think should be given priority be sure to mention it in the bugs@humanaturestudios.com email or the Canny/Discord links mentioned above. We’re gonna do our best to make this game perfect for you, thanks for your patience on this journey.

Check out the full update here


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