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Indie devs discuss how Switch is becoming the best place for new games, and why they love being a part of the platform

So much love for Nintendo!
by rawmeatcowboy
22 March 2019
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Nintendo is really killing it with the Switch, and in turn, that's making for a wonderful environment for developers. Moreso than ever before, Nintendo has found a way to really click with indie devs. In the IGN Video feature above, multiple indie developers discuss not only why the Switch is the right platform for them, but how they're proud to be a part of Nintendo's family.

StudioMDHR’s Jared Moldenhauer

“There’s only so much you can do with as many games are coming out now, but it’s nice to see how much effort [Nintendo] put into supporting [indies] as much as humanly possible. You need to have faith in a company that actually looks for and finds a way to get the most interesting games out there and get them in player’s hands. Nintendo is the type of company that believes in indie games.”

“Something like this is what you dream of. Everything as a kid, knowing the old video game gods of Sega and Nintendo, that you finally got to be on the one that’s still alive, there’s nothing quite like that experience.”

Timberline Studio's Lindsey Rostal

“They see the innovation in games and they just love the creation and the artistic process and want to show those. ...taking [indie devs] to interviews, helping to put us front and center is really important to know you have that support.

A lot of us grew up playing these games on Nintendo, and it’s always been a dream of us to be a part of that. ...there is that feeling like ‘I want to have my game there because my childhood was there and they’re continuing to build this for new childhoods.’”

David Pottinger, CEO of Stranger Things 3 developer BonusXP

“One of the ways Nintendo maintains quality when you look at the games they’re bringing to Switch and you look at the games they’re promoting is honest-to-goodness effort. It just takes effort. You can’t get good curation without that.”

Kirk Scott, Nintendo of America’s Manager of Publisher-Developer Relations

"(We will) actively seek out great content and great developers. (It's) a lot of hard work from our team.”