Microsoft's "PlayFab Party" service will offer voice chat, voice-to-text, text-to-voice, and more for Switch games

It's party time!

I swear, it seems like part of Microsoft's overall gaming goals right now is to give the Switch a better experiences. Not only are they involved with games coming to Switch, they're also tied in with a service called PlayFab Party. The offering was showcased at GDC 2019 last week, and it offers all sorts of features for online play.

PlayFab Party is a set of cross-platform libraries and services for easily adding multiplayer real-time networking and chat communication to your game. Party joins PlayFab Multiplayer Servers, Matchmaking, and Leaderboards as services built to enable dynamic and inclusive community experiences.

Microsoft is going to offer a Switch SDK for PlayFab Party, so devs will be able to utilize all the features the service provides. There's really a lot more going on here than just voice chat and text-to-voice/voice-to-text. You can get a full rundown of the service right here.

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PlayStation is Cancelled.

This is great! Microsoft's new strategy is that they want their games and services everywhere, and Nintendo being open to it is very cool. These two companies are showing the way of the future.

I guess Microsoft sees more value in cooperating with former competitors than being a direct competitor to them.

Between Cup Head coming to Switch, this, and the recently announced disc-less Xbox One S, they're becoming an amalgamation of 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd Party company. A 1.5th Party, if you will.

Not even a year ago I would have issues believing this, but here we are. It's odd, but also good of course. MS seems to be leaving the console market more and more, but I am still very curious to see their new system(s). Project Scarlet or what it was called. Though seems like Ninty and Sony are staying with traditional consoles which is absolutely the best.

This has become a truly fascinating year for gaming and we just got started =)

Sun Mar 24 19 08:08pm
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Microsoft does what Nintendon't

I doubt this will fix the voice chat issues. Remember that Nintendo would have to apply this to their games instead of being automatic.


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