WayForward reveals Shantae 5 for Switch


WayForward has confirmed a new Shantae title! Shantae 5 is in development for the Switch right now, and WayForward says it'll release later this year. The announcement came from Apple's Apple TV+ announcement earlier today, and their games trailer featured the tiniest snippet of gameplay. We can't even be sure it's from Shantae 5 at this point!

That's honestly all the info we have for right now, but that's all I need to get excited!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!


Well that just made my day. Thanks Wayforward

Ya, I seen that. It's a great series, there's not much to go on, you've covered everything there is to know. It's also coming out on all the other platforms of course.

Shantae for Smash? At least it should happen. I think she's got enough moves for it. She can also transform so that's a plus.

Im exited....but i just hope they borrow more from Pirate Curse and not Half Genie Hero

By the looks of it, it might be a mix of both styles. In the small clip of the Apple Arcade page, it looks like one of the dungeons of the other games and the style looks like the one of Half Genie Hero.


I wonder if there could be a way to make transformations snappier since that what made Pirate's Curse having more flow.

I'm excited - I love Shantae. Very cute use of her ponytail in the logo.

As Shantae is one of only two characters at this point whose addition to Smash could convince me to buy Ultimate, this information makes me very happy...

Tue Mar 26 19 12:52am
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This better not have the same fate as half genie hero otherwise I'm done with the series.

Is it still gonna use sprites, or are they eventually gonna go for full-poly graphics? I hope not.

I wonder if this time we'll get a HD game with a proper looking Shantae inline with the 2D artwork instead of that cheap, blobby Flash looking version from Half-Genie Hero.

Shantae is awesome! Looking forward to this.


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