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Dead by Daylight on Switch will include exactly the same content as other versions, port being handled in-house

Not disturbing Behavior
by rawmeatcowboy
30 March 2019
GN Version 5.0

Dead by Daylight is making its way to Switch sometime this year, and mere seconds after the game was revealed, fans were worried that the Switch version would be lacking in content compared to other versions. Behavior's Matthew Zawodniak is more than happy to put minds at ease, as he's stated that the Switch version is going to be exactly the same as all other versions when it comes to content. The team would like to have all versions of the game in sync with one another, and that's the plan moving forward.

As for who's doing the Switch port, that's good news as well. Behavior themselves are handling the work, but it's a different team than the main team working on Dead by Daylight. The work is still completely internal, but the main team has to keep chugging away on the Dead by Daylight experience while the second team works to get it up-and-running on Switch.