RUMOR: Best Buy internal listing shows more evidence of Persona 5 Switch

Will it be for real this time?

While it's not searchable on Best Buy's public website, apparently their internal listings for store employees shows that Persona 5 Switch is indeed on the way.

Best buy P5 Switch

Seems like the images above pretty much confirm that Persona 5 Switch is the real deal, so long as you believe the images themselves are legit. We'll reach out to some sources and see if they can't confirm the listing.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


So with this, what Mystic said and now Wario64's listing, 3 separate sources saying the exact same thing.

I, like everyone else, am fully convinced Persona 5 S is a Switch port. But I don't buy this specific listing as being real. It would be referred to as "Persona 5 S" Possibly with an equivalent to "royal" added on. It would not be in the system of a retailer less than a month to announcement as just Persona 5.

If P5 on Switch is just the base version while the PS4 gets an EX version that would just feel stupid and as pointless as Wii U getting a weird version of ME3 while the others got the trilogy with all the extras included... Hopefully P5 on Switch included whatever P5R has

It's fake. Not happening. (Just saying that to protect myself from potential disappointment,)

Unavailable to order but pre-order available? Makes sense.

It's so obvious that Persona 5 is coming to Switch in some form or another. The new character will be a "skin" for Joker too.

Damn that April Direct is needed now.

It'll be a slap to the face if all Switch gets is the base game while all other platforms get the revision.

Sounds like something a 3rd party would do. Give us the base game, while the other platforms get the Deluxe Edition. And like most of the years old ports on Switch, this has a price tag of $60. SMH. I won't be paying €60 for this if it's real. It's a joke, just like Joker's upcoming inclusion in SSBU. He has no business being in that game.


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