Virtuos has said their Switch ports have sold "exceptionally well," discuss the challenge of some projects

Virtuos knows the Switch inside and out

Virtuos is one of a handful of companies who specializes in porting over games to Switch. Their previous work includes titles like L.A. Noire, Dark Souls Remastered, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and others. The company certainly knows their way around Switch at this point, and it sounds like the hard work has been paying off.

In an interview with EDGE, Virtuos Shanghai general manager Elijah Freeman mention that the studio's Switch games have done“exceptionally well.” That goes for both critical reception and sales, which is great news all around!

Obviously some projects are tougher than others, and they all include some unique struggles. One of the things Virtuos has been challenged by is the storage space on Switch game cards. The company has said that getting games to fit can sometimes be a tight squeeze, which means they need to spend more time optimizing a game to shrink the file size down. Virtuos Shanghai general manager Tian Li went into detail on the issue.

“We put a dedicated team to working on this kind of problem. So it’s kind of mixing the two approaches – we have the core porting team solving the main problems and we have a small technical team to attack the individual problems on specific platforms. Now the industry knows about our capacity for Switch development, so this will definitely bring us more opportunities in the coming year.”

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Good for them. The more games on Switch the better.
I'll take Kingdom Hearts, please. 😉

If we do see KH on Switch my best bet is they'll first do the HD collection of prior games as it won't be hard to ensure those can run at a decent resolution and framerate (the bigger question is if they'll fit all of them on a single cart or do something like FFX/X-2 where you get the "1.5" half of the collection on cart and the "2.5/2.8" half is instead a download code, unless you're in southeast Asia because for some reason the regional distributors there are somehow willing to pay for an extra cart in the box).

For KH3 that one will be a bigger hurdle as the devs apparently already had a somewhat hard time just trying to get both Xbox One and PS4 versions to run at 60 FPS at 720p at the least. It can already be assumed they'd likely lower the framerate to a 30 FPS cap but the question is how much of the visual fidelity would have to be toned down while still looking decent and if can maintain a resolution that stays at least 720.

Regarding KH3 I think the conversion of Hellblade could be a good point of comparison. Unreal games scale very well to the Switch, so yeah, 720p with variable resolution, pared down lighting, shadows and texture quality and a 30FPS lock seems doable. What we've seen from DQXI om Switch also tells us that Square Enix have a good grip on how to optimize for the Switch.


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