Retail version of Mortal Kombat 11 needs at least 20GB worth of space for a required download

Performing a Fatality on your Switch's internal memory

Last we heard about Mortal Kombat 11's physical release was that it required 15.9GB of space for a mandatory download. That info came from dataminers pouring through eShop data, but today we have something a bit more official. According to the game box itself, you'll need to have at least 20GB available for the required download. Again, this download is still needed even if you're going with the retail copy.

It's entirely possible that the download itself needs 20GB, but once everything is installed and set to go, the actual space needed is 15.9GB. Either way, you'll have to start off with at least 20GB free...so start saving for a microSD card!


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Thu Apr 18 19 04:18am
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If people let companies take advantage of them, companies will take advantage of them. I intend to give WB the finger back and buy the game used.

...The hell is even included on the game card then?

A little picture of MK11.

Man, that's funny! haha

This is the new normal, isn't it?

For games aiming to push graphics and framerate to the best it can be on Switch, probably yes. There's plenty of smaller games I'm looking forward to playing before I even consider getting MK11. I'm surprised we got MK11 at all on Switch, it's amazing what the gaming landscape is, compared to just two years ago.

Thu Apr 18 19 04:18am
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If people let companies take advantage of them, companies will take advantage of them. I intend to give WB the finger back and buy the game used.

How is this taking advantage?

Thu Apr 18 19 08:00am
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There are 32gb carts available. Most people who own a switch have a 128 or 256gb SD card at most. They usually aren't happy when retail games require large downloads.

Thu Apr 18 19 08:35am
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In 2017 32GB cards cost 60% more to produce than Blu-Rays. Even if they’ve knocked the price down since then I don’t doubt that it’s still very expensive. Would you prefer to spend a potentially significant added cost to avoid downloads? I’m not convinced the majority of people would, especially when people already get pissed off about extra costs on Switch games versus other versions when those games are just using the smaller, cheaper cards.

This isn’t them spitting in the face of customers. It’s a problem made out of necessity and there’s no easy way of getting around it. The only viable format for physical releases on a handheld are cartridges which are inherently expensive. Publishers can either cut costs down for both themselves and the consumer by opting for smaller cards with mandatory downloads or plump for bigger cards with bigger price points to match. Neither is an ideal situation but I think the former is the better on the whole.

Seriously, just get a bigger SD card or delete stuff you don’t actively play. It’s really not the end of the world to have to download something to play a game you want. It’s great that we’re getting third party efforts that are actually good (at least MK11 seems decent anyway) and these deserve to be supported in lieu of unfortunate problems caused by the Switch being portable. The message that third parties will take from not buying their games that require downloads won’t be that we want the games all on the cartridge, but rather that Switch owners don’t want the games at all.

All that comes on the cartridge is a Toasty Troll gif. Seriously though, this is a joke. There's a long list of borked physical releases on Switch at this point and it's growing steadily. This is going to be an issue in time. I can still hook up my SNES and play all the games no problem. People won't be able to do this with a lot of Switch games down the line.

The companies are looking after their own interests, letting consumers suffer the consequences of their stinginess, like double packs or collections only coming with one game on cartridge, the others being a digital download copy code, that’s a one-time only use, e.g. Bayonetta 1&2, Resident Evil Revelations 1&2, Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster, The Banner Saga Trilogy, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2, etc. Or other games like DOOM, Wolfenstein, any 2K game, L.A Noire, Starlink and more.

Short story, hit them in the pocket, that’s the only way they'll listen and learn.


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