EA Community Manager says the Switch is "amazing," but they have no plans to bring Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the platform

It's treason, then...

EA's output on the Switch has been downright abysmal. The company pledged support, which has been extremely limited at best. Instead of hearing about EA titles coming to Switch, we more often hear about what ones aren't making the jump. The latest on that list is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

EA Community Manager Jay Ingram was asked about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order potentially releasing on the Switch, and unfortunately, the answer wasn't good. Mr. Ingram made a point to say that the Switch is amazing, but followed up by saying there are 'no such plans' to bring the game over.

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EA doing what EA does best...

Thu Apr 18 19 05:23pm
Rating: 2

I got no interest in Star Wars but if you're still excited about any game made by EA in this day and age you should have your brain checked.

Umm, okay. *continues to sink more countless hours into Battlefront II and anticipate Fallen Order.

Thu Apr 18 19 09:31pm
Rating: 1

I played Battlefront II for the first time on PS4 Pro a couple weeks ago. That game is hot garbage. We Nintendo owners aren’t missing much.

Right. Get some more experience in gaming or quit over exaggerating.

Thu Apr 18 19 11:04pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

I saw Star Wars in the title and I clapped! I need Star Wars, more Star Wars! Please, based EA and Disney, let me give you more of my money! I just need more Star Waaaaaaars! Han Solo! Luke Skywalker! R2-D2! Chewbacca! DARTH VADER DARTH VADER DARTH VADER


Not sure what you're getting at but you come off as condescending. Let people like what they want and don't try to cheapen their experience by insulting them or what they like. I like Star Wars and enjoy playing the games. I don't really care that EA or Disney provide the things I like to immerse myself in.

Yeah, these are companies out to make a buck but you look ignorant when you try to reduce them to a bunch of businessmen looking to make their wallets fatter. When you do this, you're also ignoring all the hard work artists, writers and developers do to bring something to life.

Find your own happiness and hope that no one tries to reduce you to some mindless drone because of what makes you happy

Didn't expect this but some other love would be nice. I'm still wanting that Rogue Squadron collection.

No way this game could ever run on the Switch without looking like thrash.

Uhmm How do you know?

Thu Apr 18 19 06:12pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

"Crap EA Star Wars game set in crap Disney Star Wars canon not coming to Switch."

Oh... whoa is me... how will I live?

Doubt it would run well anyway. That being said EA you dont seem to think the Switch is THAT amazing based on your current support...

This has been a thing from most big companies on Nintendo consoles since the Nintendo 64.

This game cannot run on the Switch anyhow. The real test comes from if they get a madden out this year as I swear to god they have no reason not to

Put a sock in it EA. We don't need a game like this that damages the Switch brand.

Söderlund should change his son's middle name already

The only game made by EA for the Switch is FIFA. And they published Fe and Unravel Two. That's literally it. You might say their support of Switch has been "AMAZING!" Sad

Thank God I don't like a single game by EA in the first place.

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