Splatoon 2's SpringFest results are in

Nintendo fans rewrite history

Well, I guess the fable would play out a bit differently in real life. Splatoon 2's SpringFest, which pit the tortoise against the hare, has wrapped up. The winner in a 2-1 victory is Team Hare. It was definitely a close battle, but Team Hare just wanted it more, I guess!

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But, tortoises.

That shifty station was excellent. The tension when the moving part was being printed out made for an awesome unique stage.

INdeed a great Shifty =) Even though I had little time, I sure id enjoy this Splatfest a lot.

You Fools! You've messed with the natural order!

Mon Apr 22 19 03:14am
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One could argue that it was the fable that messed with the natural order by thinking the hare would fall prey to human arrogance and laziness.

In truth bunnehs are hardcore: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2019/01/snowshoe-hares-carnivores-cannibals-photos-yukon/

mr life
Mon Apr 22 19 11:07am
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Oh wow no wonder why Monty Python portrayed rabbits as vicious killers

Tue Apr 23 19 03:01am
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Indeed. Mean streak a mile wide.

It's important to never forget that nature (like Splatfest) is cruel and given the chance most animals would kill us in a heartbeat.

Especially him:

Pearl Hime won. As should be. I helped after all... But silly joke aside:

It suprises me how butthurt people on social media are about this Splatfest. Sheesh. I thought it was great (the few hours I had time to play that is).


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