Rune Factory 4 Special - character profile for bachelor Amber

Meet amber!

Today's character profile for Rune Factory 4 Special gives us a look at another bachelorette; Amber. Amber is a bright and energetic girl who appears in-town after you complete a certain in-game event. She prefers daytime, and often goes sunbathing when the weather is nice.


Everybody knows Clorica is best RF4 girl.

Somehow you managed to pick the one character worse than Canon-chan to waifu.

Clorica is so worst, all of the boys are better girls than she is.

I'm a big fan of sleepy girls sorry lmao

Sat Apr 27 19 12:10pm
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All good yo, it's just silly bantz.

Rune Factory threads on the net's forums used to have arguments like that all in good fun. Hope 5 brings good girls and boys for it!


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