Switch officially outsells the N64

Another record falls

There has been a lot speculation in recent days, but now we can officially confirm the news. Thanks to Nintendo's most recent financial report, we now know that the Switch has outsold the total install base of the N64. The Switch sits at 34.74 units sold, while the N64 moved 32.93 in its entire lifespan. That makes the SNES the Switch's next target, which sits at 49.10 million units sold worldwide.

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If counting other companies systems, Switch might outsell the X Box One slightly before the SNES. Definitely possible with Pokemon and Animal Crossing in the fall.

"Insert Nintendo 64 kid joke here"

Just to say it's not comparing like with like. Nintendo also had the Gameboy range raking in the money back then as well. The N64 didn't have amazing sales, the Platstation stole Nintendo 's console crown during that time. They had a 2 pronged attack, whereas now they've largely reliant on Switch, which is why they're branching out with mobile, movies, theme parks, etc.

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I mean, everything you just said is a given when comparing these kind of things. That said, it's absolutely fair to compare how one Nintendo system sold against another. They are Nintendo systems. They are "like" enough to get a clear picture of which one was more popular / which one sold better. Yes, you can take in as many external factors as you want, but the fact remains that the market demands the Switch more than it demanded the N64.

if the Switch continues to keep the momentum soon tthe Switch will supass the Wii and will become Nintendo higest selling console.

Why do there have to be articles that the Switch is outselling the other Nintendo consoles?

Look at DS. No one said that it outdid the GBA or GB whatever.


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