Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers coming to Nintendo Switch

Persona 5S has seemingly revealed to be Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. This Warriors game, set in Atlus's Persona 5 universe and developed by Koei Tecmo Games, will be coming to Nintendo Switch. No release date was given.

Official website here!

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Yup and prepare for more lame undeserving 3rd party reps as DLC to promote games like this...

*sigh* What happened to Smash Bros...

This was a surprise.

Thu Apr 25 19 09:20am
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Seems like it is the... Last Surprise

I was like 'These graphics are good!'

*For Playstion 4*


Thu Apr 25 19 09:35am
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anything but persona 5 it seems. This is getting ridiculous. Once you played a warrior game you pretty much played all of them.

Not exactly what Switch only owners wanted I guess. Most wanted the actual PS5 game port. But I guess this is cool and at least gives a bit more cred to Joker being in Smash Bros.

I'll get P5 for PS4 then =)

Eh this works for me. I really enjoyed Fire Emblem Warriors despite it’s small roster and this looks fun as well.

Ok so now I can finish my second playthrough of persona 5 since persona 5 isn't coming to switch what a let down ps5 would be perfect for switch. All this teasing for that.

What a shame, I was expecting a port of P5 even if it lacked the Royal treatment.

Perhaps there is truth in all those persons claiming the main Persona titles have some kind of exclusivity deal with Sony.

This is a hard pass from me..

Thu Apr 25 19 09:57am
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Hot take: I enjoy the warriors game style more then the persona game style.

Add in persona 3 and 4 characters Then I’m all in!

Thu Apr 25 19 10:02am
Rating: 1

Are you fudging kidding me? So we don't get a P5 port, we don't get P5R, but we get a WARRIORS game? A series that's mostly despised by people for being too similar?

Atlus needs to be open about their love affair with Playstation or something. This is so frustrating. I won't be buying P5 out of spite now.

What Playstation love affair? Most of Atlus' support swings Nintendo, Persona is literally the only franchise exclusive to Sony from Atlus.

It's the only one the majority of people care about. Though I suppose you're right, Nintendo does get a lot of Atlus stuff, they just don't get the big stuff.


Well.. the only good thing about this is that I can possibly get to play as a waifu (Haru best girl)

But overall, disappointment

I didn't expect P5S to be a Switch port, but I genuinely did not see this coming, and not in a good way.

P5 as a HW like game?

Count me in, the music is so COOL I want more

I hear you Press A to win.

This is what they offered to get Joker in Smash? Yikes.

Yup and prepare for more lame undeserving 3rd party reps as DLC to promote games like this...

*sigh* What happened to Smash Bros...

It seems Nintendo doesn't like having "optional" content to purchase that everyone would get anyway.

I mean, you specifically present a good example of the sheer genius in this DLC selection...if you were to chose the included characters and the dlc characters, you would prefer long requested and desired first party characters like K.Rool and Ridley to be paid DLC? instead of the DLC being complete random newcomers that you can safely ignore if you are a first party purist and save your money?

This guy gets it right here.

Thu Apr 25 19 11:13am
Rating: 1

Well, we are getting an exclusive Shin Megami Tensei game, I am waiting for that too

Is this supposed to be a Joke R what? Now we know why he's in SSBU, the joke's on us.

Thu Apr 25 19 11:25am
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Actually, it would be interesting if they still covered the same plot of Persona 5, just with a warriors gameplay... I’d buy it

Is this a diffrent game from Persona 5? I honestly cant keep up with all these.

It's not even Persona 5, it's just another Dynasty Warriors game with another license slapped on top.

Now I know why ecery one's so mad, this is beyond lame.

"Yup and prepare for more lame undeserving 3rd party reps as DLC to promote games like this..."
Every single thing about this sentence makes me rage hard. There's no need to be a total jerk about this.

I mean, I see both of your points. He’s being a bit harsh, but does Joker really deserve a spot in Smash? As far as I know, until this, he hasn’t even been in a game on a Nintendo console. I do think he looks pretty cool, and I’m happy for Persona fans who enjoy his inclusion.

Relegating new fighters (or DLC fighters) to promote new third party games doesn’t seem like the best way to round out the roster. Even if it does make complete sense from a marketing perspective. I felt the same way when they added even more Fire Emblem characters solely to promote the new game. It’s basically just making DLC fighters advertising.

Every single thing about this sentence makes me rage hard.

If this isn't hyperbole, consider unplugging yourself from social media for a while. Getting so hung up on harmless comments, seeing malice where there is none whatsoever- it's not healthy, neither for you nor for the community at large.

You're reaching, dude. Relax those arms, you can't stretch that far.

I'm sorry for lashing out. I just have issues with hardcore elitists that hate everything and shove their beliefs down everyone's throats just because they didn't get they wanted.

I really don't like the idea of Joker in SSB as an ad either but I'm honestly pretty excited for this. FE and Hyrule Warriors were a ton of fun and this game looks to be just as enjoyable. The fact the characters don't look as awful as in Q2 is another bonus. I do not mind this being our switch game at all for the time being since a port of OG P5 would kinda be lame since the updated version is launching next year... So yeah, I still think Joker is a borderline advertisement with little merit (especially since they completely ignored P1/P2 and SMT with his stage/spirits) in SSB, but this game is totally fine and I'm excited.

Considering Hyrule Warrior was my favorite Zelda game before BotW... Yep, I'm happy too. :3

Thu Apr 25 19 01:23pm
Rating: 2

Imagine putting a third party rep in Smash so you can promote a Musou game that won't even sell well.

Well this sucks. Also not buying Joker for Smash either now. I mean what the hell is he even doing here now that we know P5 is not coming ? How does a warrior spin-off justify anything ?

Thu Apr 25 19 11:37pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 3 times)

...what? Why does this look like Dynasty Warriors? Wait, THIS is the game we're getting?!

A stupid spin-off no one asked for is NOT a Justification for Joker in Smash, at all. To think for a moment I actually expected the Switch might actually get a real Persona title...

What an absolute joke.

So I take it that you are going to harass anyone who disagrees with you? Because that's what you sound like right now.

Fri Apr 26 19 12:01am
Rating: 1

Another Playstation character is weaseled into Smash and all Nintendo gets for it this time is... a spin-off no one asked for? ...and it's not even an exclusive...

*sigh* ...I'm not even surprised anymore...


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