Mortal Kombat 11 - Switch vs. PC on low settings

An interesting comparison

Here's an interesting comparison. How does the Switch version of Mortal Kombat 11 stack up against the PC version when running on low settings?


Wow! The differences are massive. I knew better than to trust the media, it's a case of The Emperor's New Clothes. This right here is why any footage/screenshots of the Switch version was hidden until practically launch day. You can't say these are minor differences.

Thu Apr 25 19 09:08pm
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Gameplay is intact though, and it still looks pretty good for a Tegra X1 that can be played portably. Of course, I grew up on the vastly inferior Genesis ports of the arcade originals thinking they were good enough too.

This is just like Doom or any other port of a game designed for higher end hardware. You just have to accept the tradeoffs in going for the Switch version or buy the PS4/XBO/PC version instead.

It's not the graphics that bother me, it's the instability! This dang game crashes more than Shaq Fu!

Thu Apr 25 19 09:17pm
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I find it amazing that people are ragging on the graphics on this, especially in comparisons like this one. A tablet the size of an iPad mini VS a PC on low settings, big surprise it looks better on PC. Not to say that the comparisons aren’t interesting but setting a PC on low does not automatically level the playing field between Switch and PC.

It looks fine on Switch considering what it is and running at 60FPS while looking as faithful as it does is a great job on the part of the studio responsible. Warner Bros. deserve flack for the micro transactions and always online aspects of this but this is undeniably a good port of the source material- they should be applauded for that at least. Graphics will never be on par with other versions of games like this on Switch, if that bothers you then get it on a different console. The draw is portable play, and that definitely excuses any drawbacks in visuals as long as it’s playable. Same with Doom, same with Wolfenstein. If you use your Switch primarily as a home console and want performance then maybe it shouldn’t be your only console.


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