Skies of Arcadia producer said the game originally took place on the top of trains, dodges questions about a Switch port or sequel


Rieko Kodama was the producer on Skies of Arcadia, an extremely-beloved JRPG. In an interview with Kotaku, Kodama talks about all things Skies of Arcadia, including how the game was originally planned to be about train-top battling, rather than airships.

At the beginning of the project, Skies of Arcadia was originally planned to be on the Sega Saturn console, but production eventually was set in motion for the Dreamcast. This is when we started considering the concept of a world filled with airships flying around its skies. This contrasts with a previous concept where the story would have revolved around battling on top of trains and on land in general.

Once the “travelling the skies” concept was set, subsequent ideas fell in place. These ideas were inspired by the Age of Discovery when pirates roamed the vast seas. Back then, people wondered what lie beyond the vast expanse of ocean, and they took to their ships in search of answers. That frontier spirit permeates the game’s narrative.

Fans of Skies of Arcadia have been hungry for two things; a port or a sequel. What are the chances of the game coming to Switch, or a sequel in general? Kodama's answer to both will likely leave fans unfulfilled.

I am very grateful that this game has a special place in the hearts of many fans, and that they are voicing their wishes. Responding to each fan’s experiences and stories may be difficult, but the universal fact that they all cherish Skies of Arcadia is proof that it was all worth the effort.

I personally feel that [the GameCube’s] Skies of Arcadia Legends completed the “director’s cut” of the title. But I am honored when fans of the game who have become game developers themselves express interest in creating a sequel. It makes me happy to think of its legacy being passed on in this way.


I’ve been wanting to try out that game for quite some time now. I just really dig the art style

A Switch HD Remaster would be welcome. I don't know if it got ported to any other platform besides the Gamecube, where a secondhand copy is and always has been ludicrously expensive. I wouldn't want them to just do a lazy port dump.

Dammit. Why is it always the games that I let a friend borrow and never got back that rise so high in price? I've learned to stop doing this at least.

A PS2 version was planned at the time but cancelled. I don't know if it ever got past the planning stages or if it did get into actual development on PS2, but anyway, Gamecube is the only existing port. It has a lot of tweaks like reduced random encounter rate and tweaked experience and money drops from battles to compensate, slightly higher polygon count on the main cast of characters though nothing tremendously better, faster load times and some extra content.

However fans consider the soundtrack to sound worse on Gamecube because in order to fit both GD roms of the original + the new extra content onto one Gamecube mini-DVD, the audio had to be compressed quite a bit.

I still have my dreamcast and gamecube copies. It is a good game.

Played a lot of rpg's in my time. None achieve the sense of adventure this game offers. Still my all time favorite rpg.

From what it seems like, Kodama-San doesnt want to take part in directly developing anymore games in the series, and whoever would like to attempt either a port of the Directors Cut with no changes to mechanics or storyline has her blessing. But still people want to port the game for legacy reasons, and such versions of games are selling very well thanks to the prevalence of home consoles and PC.

I think she needs some convincing. Fans need to put in extra effort to show that. But it seems like Naussica styled games like Eternal Arcadia and Mega Man Legends will stay a memory of 90s until something changes.

Look at the bright side, atleast this game didn't show up on Saturn but on Dreamcast and Gamecube instead.

If it showed up on Saturn, it would have higher chances of not getting a PC port since porting or even emulating Saturn games is a lot harder.

I own both Gamecube and Dreamcast copies

Be jealous


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