Dylan Cuthbert talks about his past with Nintendo, says Miyamoto asked him not to work with Sony, and mentions an unreleased Miyamoto project

What could have been...

Dylan Cuthbert worked with Nintendo on multiple projects, but he never officially became part of their team. Cuthbert would eventually end up working with Sony for a number of years as well, much to the chagrin of Miyamoto. Cuthbert opens up about all this, including a secret Miyamoto project, via the blurb below.

When StarFox 2 was canceled we went for a big sayonara meal and Miyamoto explained to me that they didn’t want to be perceived as inferior to the newly released PlayStation and Saturn consoles. But because the contract between Argonaut and Nintendo was over I had to go back to the Uk, and Miyamoto lamented that he couldn’t take me on as an employee because Argonaut had instigated an anti-poach after @giles had left Argonaut to join Nintendo a few months earlier after getting married to a local lass, but he explained that to circumvent that he could get me a job at Hal with Iwata, but Hal was in the middle of nowhere near Mt. Fuji and I loved living in Kyoto so I explained that I would find my own way back to Kyoto and had already put feelers out to other games companies with Japanese links, to which he said sharply ‘just don’t work for a company that ”begins with the letter ‘S’”, to which I just had to smile wryly because of course I was already talking to someone at PlayStation in Foster City. At the time I didn’t realize quite the level of political shit that had gone down between Sony and Nintendo over the SNES CD drive! Six months later I started working in Foster City for PlayStation :-)

I do feel a pang of sadness that I couldn’t join Nintendo back then as that is probably where I would still be today if I had, but then again I wouldn’t give up those years at Sony for anything as they were some of the best years of my life and I made many many friends - and of course I got myself back to Kyoto on my own terms by 2001 to start Q-Games and haven’t looked back since! I reconnected with Nintendo and made many more games with them Digidrive, StarFox Command, Reflect Missile, X-Returns, Starship Command, StarFox 64 3D, and one secret Miyamoto pet project that didn’t see the light of day because of market timing, and a bunch more fun prototypes! One day I’d like to work with them again! Never say never.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Sun Apr 28 19 03:44pm
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I think the moral of this story is that Jez San still kinda sucks.

Also, I still want them to make a Star Fox for Switch. Their team is growing, I wonder if they didn't do any separate projects if they could handle it on their own...

Sun Apr 28 19 08:10pm
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That seems like a really weird reason not to take a job at HAL.

So much of the non-urban areas around Mt. Fuji are absolutely beautiful and so serene. And obviously, if Miyamoto wanted him at Nintendo so badly, I’m sure they could have arranged for him to transfer to Nintendo after a while at HAL. (The problem was they couldn’t hire him into Nintendo from Argonaut, correct?)

Dylan Cuthbert really really likes Kyoto.

Mon Apr 29 19 10:47pm
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I do too, but that doesn't stop me from seeing how great other places are too.

it sounds like it would have been the plan imo.

I have this feeling that Ninty and Sony will just never be friends again =/

Where they ever friends really? They begun their relationship on shaky business terms and never really improved beyond that.

True enough. Seems like Sony even tried on a hostile take over and that is where the nasty started, but then again, this story is some real drama. I still dream of a parallel universe where it went good and the Nintendo Playstation would have been a thing...

I think them being both old Japanese companies there’s probably old rivalry instilled in each companies corporate culture too. Maybe in another few years once all the old guard have retired things might change.

Doesn't seem like it though. Like Miyamoto being like "Don't you fucking dare work for Sony!", just in nicer words. But then agai, maybe one day they will all sit down with some beers and just talk it out and have a good laugh. They were somewhat freindly at the last game warads after all, even though it was pure PR talk... and cringe.

That's what I mean, once the likes of Miyamoto and other old timers retire things will probably change.

One can only hope....

Much respect for this man, he also seems to get what Star Fox is really about. A shame they turned down that Star Fox 1 remake for 3DS, but it's understandable since a good chunk of this IP are just retreads anyhow. If there's anyone who could save Star Fox after Zero, it'd be him.


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