Japanese game retailer talks about Otome devs moving from PS Vita to Switch

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There has been no shortage of visual novels on the Switch, and that includes the Otome (story-based video game that is targeted towards women) genre. In an interview with GameSpark, a representative for game retailer GEO talked a bit about this genre getting more and more representation on Switch.

According to GEO, Otome devs and publishers are currently in the trial-and-error phase of bringing their games to Switch. Those devs were used to working with Vita, but have sense moved on, and are finding success on Switch. The movement started with a lot of ports and remasters, but GEO believes the Switch will start to see more original Otome games this year.

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It's exciting that retailers have faith in otome games on the Switch, especially if devs are telling them that they're finding success. I'm a little worried still, but I have hope!

Huh, no wonder I've been seeing a lot more otome games lately! It's good to hear they're finding success. I'd personally like to see Princess Maker type games but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

Tue May 07 19 11:50pm
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... Princess Maker! There was versions of it on DS, but it never came here! Sad
With the recent resurgence of the old games on Steam, there could be chances to see a new one... oooh! I'd like that!
(I'm a big PM fan... played the first one countless times)


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