Ryan Reynolds recorded some Detective Pikachu dialog that bordered on R-rated content, which was subsequently cut

Sounds like special features Blu-ray content to me!

Ryan Reynolds is known for his over-the-top crude humor thanks to his work with Deadpool. With Detective Pikachu, Reynolds kept his sparky spirit intact, but dialed the improv down to a kid-friendly level. Well, that's the case for what made it into the film, anyway. Turns out Reynolds spouted quite a few lines that were much more adult-oriented, but those were left on the cutting room floor.

"...it's motion capture, so it's all imagination. You go into a room, I'm alone basically...and then it's just throwing like 800 versions of any joke or any moment up against a wall and leaving it to some poor editor to sort of figure out...Some things would come out a little PG-13, bordering on Rated R. That stuff didn't make it. The great thing about this world is that you can be totally edgy and totally push it, and still stay within the boundaries of a movie that you can take little kids to and adults. That was the trick."

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So the inevitable Deadpool + Pikachu video just got more real now

Reminds me how much I would have enjoyed a potty-mouthed Danny Devito Pikachu.

Probably mostly stuff Reynolds did off the cuff and not anything that would have been scripted.


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