Sonic Team feels the Sonic franchise has 'turned a corner' following Mania's release

How about a sequel?

Sonic Mania was a very special moment for the Sonic franchise. After years of releases that were pegged as good-to-mediocre, Sonic Mania became a major hit with both critics and gamers alike. It was a return to form for Sonic, and it absolutely paid off.

In an interview with LadBible, Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka mentions how important Sonic Mania has been for the franchise in general.

"...post-Mania, I feel the character, and the games, have really turned a corner, towards where we want it all to go."

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I finally got around to playing Sonic Mania and oh man this games is just fun as hell and this is coming from someone who is not a hardcore Sonic fan

So they're going to stop making 3D Sonic games and let fans make the games in future? Ya, I didn't think so.

Am I wrong in not trusting Sonic Team proper doing anything Sonic related?

Then release Sonic Mania 2, please!

Personally I want to see the Sonic Mania team try to remake Sonic X-Treme but without the fish eye lense

Sat May 11 19 04:46am
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I loved what the [other] team did with Sonic Mania but I don't know about the rest. I don't think the recent Sonic racing game looks like a very well realised version of racing in the Sonic world for example; a lot of the designs and stuff just feel like they belong in a totally different racing game and don't really fit with the look and feel of Sonic imo.

So Sonic Forces was a step in the right direction then? I mean... it released after Mania...

Sat May 11 19 08:42am
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I guess that means it's time to throw everything in the bin and reinvent the wheel all over again, right Sega?

Sat May 11 19 10:33am
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And then they made the movie.

Sonic Forces was already in development before SEGA began their big restructuring (including big changes made at Sonic Team) so they couldn't really save it before it was too late.

But if the next 3D game is lame too then my faith will go down to 0%.

Oh, it turned a corner alright... It turned around right back into the dumpster behind the alley from whence it came after Mania with Forces, Team Sonic Racing and this movie.

This isn't anything new, by the way. People thought Sonic had turned a corner following Generations almost a decade ago, but then all of that was squandered immediately with Lost World and Boom. It seems Sonic only really "turns a corner" whenever copious amounts of nostalgia is involved.

While it is true that Mania is quite literally the only good Sonic game in recent memory, I also didn't like the way Iizuka handled the project, practically mandating that the game be 70% old remixed stages bloated to hell and high water and calling it Mania, like as if to show some deep-seated disdain for the fanbase. Unless this supposed sequel is made up entirely of new stages only and isn't meddled with by him (Like how Mania was originally supposed to be called Sonic Discovery and everything), then I can't say I am excited nor interested to see what other new corner awaits the blue blur.

Sonic '06 was the turning point where the franchise became shit. Mania is the diamond in the turd, an aberration from the norm of trash releases that continue with Sonic Forces and the Sonic movie.


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