Discord remains interested in adding Switch support, but says it's up to Nintendo

Nintendo remains silent

All the way back in Sept. 2017, Discord's CEO said that he'd like to support Switch. Here's the original statement we shared.

“I have thought about the Switch. I have spent many hundreds of hours of my life in that little screen. If Nintendo wants us to power their voice chat, we’d be happy to talk.”

Fast-forward to May 2019, and the people at Discord feel the same way. Really nothing has changed, but fans are still asking for Discord on Switch. Here's what the official Discord Twitter account had to say.

We would love to bring Discord to the switcht! But we'd need Nintendo's blessing for that to happen first. Vote up the idea here and maybe it could be a thing someday

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How about you bring us some basic media playback

Do we really need this in an age of smart TV's and smartphones?

Exactly, I just want a system that plays video games well. All the extra crap is available on everything else that we have on us nearly 24/7.

Yeah. I want to spend all my freetime in the confines of Nintendo.

What's the harm in adding basic features? I'd love to text chat with some of the friends of my friend list and hang out watching Netflix or Crunchyroll while i'm about. Not everyone has data plans on their phones you know.

Why not connect your phone to the WiFi?

Thu May 16 19 09:27pm
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Because I'd rather not watch stuff on my phone if I could help it to save battery. I'd also rather not connect my phone to a unsecure wifi spot like at my school and such, but with Switch I don't have to worry since no saved passwords = less risk. There's plenty of reasons to not use it.

There's no excuse for stuff like 3DS/Vita to have these things as well and not Switch. There's zero benefit in these apps NOT being on Switch. YT has been ultra handy when I was in School and wanted to watch something a friend uploaded before I got home. Likewise with Amazon/Crunchyroll I'd be glad to rest in bed with that screen to watch shows instead of using my bulky laptop or puny phone. I did it all the time with the Wii U's web browser for Youtube and it was easily a 3000 hour investment of time.

Basically you need those apps on the Switch because you're paranoid.

Or because everyone has different reasons for using those apps? I'm not the only one wanting Netflix/Amazon/etc you know. I'm also not the only one who uses YT on Switch. There's zero excuse for the lack of these types of apps.

Mon May 13 19 07:53pm
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They just want Switch user's data.

Mon May 13 19 11:27pm
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Would be really great if Discord can be part of the system OS, if possible

There's no way that will ever happen! It would need to be part of the OS to do anything.



And Nintendo would never let a third party be part of their OS. Despite the fact that it would be very much in their own interest to do so in this case.

If they did, it would be licensing the software, which they would modify to include in the OS under a different name with different features.


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