Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct slated for May 15th at 3 p.m. PT


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Tue May 14 19 01:17pm
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Surprised nobody’s asked why they need to spend 15 minutes telling us about a port yet...

Tue May 14 19 10:17am
Rating: 2

hell yeah boyyyyyye! Been waiting for news on this game, just wish it was coming sooner! Multiplayer confirmation, amiibo costume confirmation and c'mon, give us a SMB2/USA skin!

Outside of Smash, Nintendo hasn't cared much about amiibo these days. But a Mario amiibo in the Mario Maker costume would be awesome.

Tue May 14 19 03:52pm
Rating: 1

Yes! I've been wanting a Mario builder amiibo for the longest time.

And they can have the costume Mario stuff they had from the first game, unlockable with amiibo or in other ways if you don't have those amiibo.

And tomorrow just got way more exciting. Hype!!

Hey buddy! I gotta do something at the hotel in Reno Nevada as I wait for the owner of the hotel room to show up. lol

Always a pleasure my friend!

Great news. More time for other/new games at theE3 Direct =)

I figured that Mario Maker 2 would get its own direct this month

Glad they aren't waiting for E3 to show this. Means more time for other games. Hope everyone gets what they want from this.

inb4 unreasonable e3 hype

I really hope that his ends up being what Mario Maker one should have been.

Please do explain what it should have been like!

The first one was just lacking in too many features. From what we've seen we're already getting a lot of what was expected. (Multicolored Yoshi's Banzai bills etc) Right now I'm just hoping for more power-ups and better online. The original had too many poorly made/ troll levels.

Tue May 14 19 02:08pm
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A better rating and search system could help. I think they should also add votes with more weight for voted creators.

That's the challenge, separating the good from the bad.

Exactly. I just want to play some good levels during the 100 Mario mode.

Tue May 14 19 05:18pm
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I feel like I made really good levels that were pretty much ignored as well... levels that were meant to be like something in a real Mario game. It got super disheartening that I could spend twenty hours making something that people played as much as a level some kid shat out like an ugly crayon scribble drawing in five minutes.

I really do hope Nintendo has made improvements that make the experience better when both creating and playing.

Don't forget one of the most requested features: slopes.

Tue May 14 19 01:17pm
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Surprised nobody’s asked why they need to spend 15 minutes telling us about a port yet...

Except it's not a port though.

It's called Super Mario Maker 2, not Mario Maker for Switch. There are many new features and it's the first time we are seeing Super Mario 3D World as a sidescroller. There is plenty to be excited about this release come next month.

See below and it will all become clear ;)

Didn’t you know, every sequel is a lazy cash grab port? Don’t worry if you missed that, I’ll keep parroting the same dumb statement on all future stories too just in case you missed my dumbness the first time. Don’t ask me to ever accurately explain myself though, ain’t nobody got time for that.

P.S. Labo Sucks.

Wed May 15 19 03:05am
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Is Reggie also a muppet, do you loathe Kit and Krysta and is everything too expensive?

15 minutes is very short, but then, we've seen most of the content already in the original game. This is like putting flesh on the bones. Turning it from Dry Bones into Koopa Troopa if you will. I hope there's a pleasant surprise tomorrow, because overall it just seems more of the same, only lacking the ease of the Wii U gamepad(using the Switch touch screen is not as fluid) for level creation and Miiverse for tips and banter.

I know it may not be as good as touch, but I'm hoping we'll have the option to use motion controls.

My predictions:

- Amiibo Costumes wont be returning but will have something different in its place.

- Multiplayer confirmed. Playable characters will be Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Peach,and Daisy. Multiplayer will be exclusive to NSMB and 3D World styles.

-Better online sorting/rating system but it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch online app. You will also be able to download stages from the app to play on your console later.

- Few more level themes will be revealed.

-Finally its revealed that SMB2 (USA) will be available in a future update. Along with constant enemies, items, and power-ups on a weekly/monthly basis ala Splatoon and Mario Tennis.

8-bit K-Rool is gonna look weird. (Assuming those costumes return).

I hope they return. Every SMB stage I make is gonna have an 8-bit K.Rool in it. It is mandatory. All hail the king!

Tomorrow would be a good time to announce a Miiverse successor. It helped make Super Mario Maker great and a more social experience. It also would be giving something back to the consumer, instead of creaming €20 a year for Nintendo Switch Online in return for practically nothing.

I can imagine part of the presentation addressing it more or less like this.

Nintendo: You'll be able to follow the best creators through the Super Mario Maker 2 section of the Nintendo Switch Online app.

So you're always up to date with the newest greatest hits of this game.

The only thing I can be certain of for sure is that whatever online amenities from the game they will divulge in this direct, it will be absolute trash. Bonus points if they are thick-headed enough to also not include a pre-order option that comes with a stylus in NA.


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