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Unbound: Worlds Apart Kickstarter gets Switch stretch goal

$30k for Switch
by rawmeatcowboy
14 May 2019
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The team behind Unbound: Worlds Apart have revealed a Switch stretch goal for the game. While regular funding sits at $25k, the Switch stretch goal is just $5k more at $30k. Check out details on the Switch stretch goal below.

Many of you told us that you would love to play Unbound on Switch while on the road. That would be awesome and we really want this to happen. However, this is a huge task and since porting costs money and time, we will need to hire an experienced software developer to help us release it on time.

We already have a Nintendo Switch Development Kit at our office and we know what the requirements are for it. Still, there may appear some unpredictable delays for Nintendo Switch release. In any case, this will not affect the PC release for Unbound.

Kickstarter here