iam8bit reveals Earthworm Jim 1+2 (25th Anniversary Edition) cartridge


Limited Edition of 2000*
Brand-New Playable SNES Cartridge*
2 games in 1!
Specialty Fold-Out Foil Box with Gloss and Embellishments
Premium Instruction Booklet w/ “Mystery Foreword”
Retro Pack-In Surprises
Custom Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design
Manufacturing by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives

*Cartridge colorways are randomly inserted into sealed, unmarked boxes. The edition of 2000 is comprised of: Udder Pink; and Cow Print (ONLY 100 total). We cannot guarantee which version you will receive. It truly is completely random.

Shipping Begins
November 2019
Born during gaming’s most outrageous era of character creation and world-building, Earthworm Jim is a hero unlike any other… a worm.... in a muscled-up spacesuit. It’s ridiculous, to be sure, but what’s extraordinary about this series is that it’s not only fabulously weird, but also one of the greatest platformers that the SNES has ever known. The fourth installment of iam8bit’s exclusive “Legacy Cartridge Collection” pays tribute to developer Shiny Entertainment’s opus not once, but twice - including both Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 on a single cartridge for the first time ever! As always, this is a premium affair chock-full of nostalgic trappings, limited to a highly collectible 2,000 copies.

Grab yours here


Friendly reminder that Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, has a long history of homophobic and transphobic behavior. Just something to consider if you're considering a purchase.

Seconded! Doug TenNapel is cancelled.

Fri May 17 19 09:50pm
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You people don't even play or buy video games to begin with, so I'm sure it's very easy to virtue signal by "cancelling" people and things you have no interest in.

Never seen a single thing that you lot have ever "cancelled" that didn't end up doing just fine or great, though, so please continue.

Sweaty I have over 2,000 video games in my collection, don't try me.

That's a lot of copies of Gone Home and Doki Doki Literate Club.

Wow, that's some biting social commentary there, well done. /s

It's Earthworm Jim's time to shine again! These games were terrific back in the day and are still fun now! And there's a new one coming that I hope will not always be exclusive to the Intellivision console. Also, there's that Earthworm Jim comic on Indiegogo that I'm really excited about.

I really hope Earthworm Jim can re-enter the public eye and stay relevant. The property certainly deserves it a lot more than Bubsy or James Pond.

iam8bit is making just 2,000 of these. Good luck beating out the scalpers and other enthusiastic collectors. Hard pass for me.

I'm not actually that huge a fan of the Earthworm Jim games--mostly the level design in a bit too random for my liking, so it often feels like just shapes plonked together rather than moving through actual places--but this is just cool.


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