Nintendo's floor layout for E3 2019 revealed

Same as it ever was

The floor plans for E3 2019 have been revealed, and there's really nothing surprising going on with Nintendo. They've grabbed the same spots they always do, so it seems to be business as usual. The real change comes from the surrounding plans, as Sony is usually right across the hall from Nintendo. Sony will not be attending E3 2019.

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It looks to me like Nintendo gave up half of their usual space to Oculus and took all of Sony's old space, resulting in generally more Nintendo space this year.

The real attraction is still the press conferences and Nintendo direct, so I don't think it's going to matter all that much. Hopefully Nintendo has a really fun Direct prepared for us.

I truly think this Direct can be pretty good. Apart from the obvious Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing and gamesfor 2019 I am sure we'll see some surprises Nintendo style. Also 3rd parties should have been uping their games by now since the Switch is selling like crazy, even outselling the PS4 in Japan, so get on with it! Also, we all know that Nintendo usually shows off something for next year even though they say they wont. It's Ninty. The say many things. And who said Bayonetta 3 isn't releasing this year? ;)

Hey! Less than a month away! I will miss Sony there, but then again their last year's show was really bad, so I'll just wait for the PS5 show =)

Fri May 17 19 01:04pm
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The only new Nintendo thing for Switch shown at E3 2017 were 2 things, Kirby and Yoshi (Prime 4 barely counts, I dont think a mere logo should be celebrated the way it was).

The only new Nintendo thing shown for Switch at E3 2018 was Super Mario Party.

I expect this E3 to be the same story. 1 or 2 new milquetoast announcements we haven't seen yet. Probably something like a Mario Golf. Imagine if they didn't bother with the nothingburger announcements of Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing. It would be a lot more riveting. I still think E3 2008 could have been redeemed if they announced Wario Land: Shake It! and Punch-Out!! there instead of... Wherever the hell else they decided to do this before directs were a thing.

All nice and dandy, but this year MS will show if their ned XboxWhatever at E3 and Sony will soon thereafter show off the PS5, so Nintendo should have a grand direct to cpmpete since a new console is not coming soon (apart from some new Switches). Also, they (also third parties) have had more than enough time to make games to show. And with rhe Switch selling like crazy more and more devs should be joining the party.

Then again, Nintendo did "win" an E3 with just BOTW.

Anywhoooo. We'll see soon Smile

The only new Nintendo thing shown for Switch at E3 2018 was Super Mario Party.

cries in Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

the Nintendo E3 conference surely will be jam packed with content.

and i wonder what game or games Nintendo booth will be themed this year, Animal Crossing, Pokemon.

It's going to be like every E3 before 2016 and not have a single theme. Pokémon will likely not be demoed and Animal Crossing is a huge game for Nintendo but not as good a game to demo. It's going to be a regular booth for them again, and honestly it was last year as well, Smash wasn't that much of their booth.

Fri May 17 19 04:35am
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If find it rather cool that Oculus and Sega are the companies making up the rest of the space next to Nintendo. :D


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