THQ Nordic teases two E3 2019 reveals

Two franchises set for new installments

THQ Nordic will have at least two titles to show off at E3 2019. While we don't have names for those games, we do know that both are tied to existing franchises. THQ Nordic even shared teaser blurbs for each game, saying one is a "new vision for a beloved franchise," while the other is a "long-awaited return of a galatically beloved game/franchise." Thankfully we won't have to wait long to find out what these are. Fingers crossed for Switch versions of both!

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The “beloved” one has to be TimeSplitters.

I doubt any of this is for Switch.

Why do you say that?

Third party games being announced for the Switch, is not the standard.

De Blob 3 pleeaaase!!!!!!

Their 8chan AMA disaster already leaked a new Darksiders game called Darksiders Origins, which I'm guessing is the new direction for a franchise mentioned here.

"long-awaited return of a galatically beloved game/franchise." I think it's Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

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