RUMOR - Oninaki will NOT receive a physical release in the United States

Because this information comes from an email instead of an official statement, this information will be considered as a "rumor" for the time being. With that said, here's hoping that Square Enix does make an official statement, and with any luck, here's hoping that there WILL be a physical release of the game. 

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I hope it at least gets a limited physical run on the SE store like Lost Sphear did. =\

Wed May 22 19 11:45pm
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of course it won't, hardly anyone bought the SE store version of Lost Sphear right away and with how poorly these games score and do it's no wonder why they hardly put them in physical form. Little of importance is lost anyhow and the game can still be downloaded if you're interested (or imported if this is like setsuna)

It does look like an eShop game.

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